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He's not an ordinary joe, he's a joe.
perhaps, a nigga joe.

About Nigga Joe

Who is Nigga joe?

joe, also known as nigga joe, is white, but his DNA is 95% black DNA, how? you may ask, well, approximately 95 black men have came inside of him, each black man added 1%. At some point in his life, nigga joe was just a regular joe, scientists are still debating how the 95 black men came in him, some say it was rape, others say it consensual, the matter is still up to debate. It doesn't matter which side you're on, but we can all agree that nigga joe is indeed a nigga. some people say that the real joe has been replaced by a nigga, but those are just rumors, not to be believed.

Story of Nigga joe

Joe was just a regular joe in his joe life. He loved to play sports, watch porn, and do all the shit everyone at his age would. A big surprise is that nigga joe, is actually white as foreseen in this picture. he was the most regular joe you could find, but one day, a dark night rumors the sky with it's beauty. Nigga joe was sitting on his porch, Until 100 black men spawned in his eyesight wishing for his doom. He killed 5 of them but they were too powerful for nigga joe to even handle, scientists didn't yet discover what happened to nigga joe after 95 black men.

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